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Halloween Jack and the Red Emperor


  • Tulare County Renaissance Faire
    Sat, May 2 - Sun, May 3
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    It started with a glance, as tales of true love often do. This glance happened to be in the reflection of a glass window in the chill of a winter morning. A young lady wrapped in layers of wool and fur was busy scraping his artwork, his masterpiece – as each work was a masterpiece – from a window so her mother could view the rising sun as she ... [Read More]

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    • The M Todd Gallowglas “Necromanced” Challenge.

      The other day, while working on the manuscript for DEAD WEIGHT: Search and Destroy, I penned the word “necromanced” in the midst of a scene. Just to be cheeky, I posted the following to my social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ …[Read More]