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  • Hanford Renaissance Faire
    Sat, October 4 - Sun, October 5
  • Folsom Renaissance Faire
    Sat, October 18 - Sun, October 19
  • Kearny Park Renaissance Faire
    Sat, November 8 - Sun, November 9
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    Smoke leaned forward. “I’m not going to kill you, Baron Khellan Dubhan the Unworthy and the Gray Thief who wishes he might become Khelvotos’Skaeth. I probably should, but I won’t. However, as I said, the sword and crown are not for you. Find your own playthings. And I suggest you leave the Lord Morigahn be, for Grandfather Shadow’s wrath... [Read More]

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    • Seeking Book Donations for the Weed Library

      UPDATED 9/24/2014: After hearing about wild fires in Northern California burning the library in Wee, CA to the ground, I started a book donation campaign on Sept. 22, 2014. Shortly after that, representatives of the CA Library Association, contacted me,… [Read More]