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  • Ducal Prize
    Fri, August 29 - Mon, September 1
  • Cameron Park Lake Renaissance Tudor Fayre
    Sat, September 6 - Sun, September 7
  • CONvolution
    Fri, September 26 - Sun, September 28
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    Julianna sighed as she heard voices raised outside her door. She stood, walked across the room, and opened the door. Sandré Collaen stood there, finger waving under Nathan’s nose. Aur-ell leaned against the wall on the other side of the hall. “Thank you Nathan, for observing my wishes,” Julianna said, then turned to Sandre “Prince Collae... [Read More]

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      ***WARNING: LANGUAGE*** (I really mean it. This post has some strong language. If vulgarity offends you, I recommend passing it by.) To those people who enjoy trolling the internet with hoax articles about celebrity deaths: FUCK YOU. Seriously. FUCK YOU.… [Read More]